The TG-Series.

Ease, safe and architecturally appealing.

Trendelkamp gondola systems allow comfortable and safe facade access. The system is highly adaptable and can even reach confined areas within the building exterior. The Trendelkamp TG-Series can be equipped with an additional auxiliary winch unit in order to change windows of lifting loads onto the roof.




The TG-10 is minimalistic and the gondola can optionally be separated from the rail when not needed. The gondola is available for one or two persons and is equipped with casters for maximum flexibility. The monorail brackets are either mounted to the façade or to the roof and follow its natural shape. The mobile working gondola is actuated electrically. Power is supplied via a flexible supply cable. Movement along the rail can be realized manually or electrically.




This simple gondola system with either one or two jibs is suitable for more simple façade shapes. The TG-20 is used whenever only short distances between track and roof are present. The system can be equipped with a one or two person gondola. The system usually moves on two parallel tracks but can also drive on the roof in case the structure and load limits allow. Control and drive are executed electrically. The system is powered via a power supply cable along the tracks. Auxiliary equipment like lifting cylinders, joints and slewing gears makes the TG-20 suitable for almost all facades and buildings. Thus making this system the classic building maintenance unit (BMU).



Crane Boom.

The main characteristic of the TG-30 is the single crane boom with a slewing jib at its tip. In combination with a pivoting base the system guarantees a high degree of freedom and therefore accessibility to building corners and complicated facades. The TG-30 allows long booms and moves on tracks usually customized for the individual building. Control and power supply are executed in the same way as for the TG-20.



Telescopic Crane Boom.

The TG-40 is the king among the Trendelkamp Gondola Systems. They are equipped with all the features of the TG 30 but with an additional telescopic boom and telescopic jib.