Trendelkamp builds new company building and focuses on growth and sustainability

On an area of 15,000 m², Trendelkamp invests in a state-of-the-art production facility and a three-story office building with bright, spacious and modern office landscapes.

Josef Trendelkamp, Jr. targets a further strategic advantage with the establishment of the Münster – Enschede railway station and the construction of charging stations for e-bikes and e-cars. “We are creating an attractive and exciting workplace and enabling our team to have alternatives to their daily commutes.“

An important advantage in the new building will be the use of sustainable energy resources. It has a very high energy standard and is therefore largely climate-neutral.  Air conditioning is provided by an air heat pump supplied by a photovoltaic system. 

“With the new building, we are finally bringing together again what belongs together. 4 years ago, we had to move a large part of our administration to another location due to space constraints. This has slowed down some processes and was not optimal for the team.

The complete move should be completed in spring 2024.