Extrusion line with Trendelkamp Screen Changer.

Extrusion Technology
“We think of sustainable extrusion”

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Extrusion Technology

With decades of experience and know-how in extrusion, Trendelkamp can supply you with machines and lines that are specially designed to meet your requirements, down to the last detail. We cooperate with the leading manufacturers of extrusion equipment, plastic producers and processors. As a partner of industry and medium-sized businesses, our goal is to your expectations with efficient and sustainable solutions.

  • Durable and low-maintenance machines
  • High quality made in Germany
  • Flexible personal service
Siebwechlser von Trendelkamp Extrusion Technology.
Building Technology by Trendelkamp.

Screen Changer

Screen Changer
Anfahr- und Wegeventile von Trendelkamp Extrusion Technology.

Diverter Valves

Diverter Valves
Darstellung einer Strangdüse der Fa. Trendelkamp
Verfahrbare Dächer von Trendelkamp Technology.

Strand Die

Strand Die
Klassierer von Trendelkamp Extrusion Technology.
Granulatklassierer von Trendelkamp.

Pellet Classifier

Pellet Classifier
Entgasung von Trendelkamp Extrusion Technology.
Klassierer von Trendelkamp Technology.

Extruder Vacuum Degassing

Extruder Vacuum Degassing
Adapter und Flansche von Trendelkamp Extrusion Technology.
Unterwasser-Granulierungen von Trendelkamp Technology.

Adapter and Flanges

Adapter and Flanges

TRENDELKAMP stands for durable products

Melt quality determines end product quality
– and we will support you:

  • Take full advantage of our knowledge and experience.
  • The quality of our machines ensures operational efficiency in your production process.
  • Rely on machines that are specifically designed to meet your requirements down to the last detail.
  • If you procuce compounding, masterbatch or adhesive products.
  • If you extrude film, pipe or profiles.
  • If you re-granulate plastics.

Our mission
High product quality, durable and low maintenance machines

TRENDELKAMP – complete system solutions

Process technology

  • We also offer you a complete solution that includes melt pump, screen changer, diverter valve, etc.
  • These components can be connected via conventional or quick connect adaptors, in order to minimize the flow channel length.
  • Application specific design for a smooth process.
  • Numerical flow simulation (CFD) and thermal analysis for component and process design.
  • Analytical and numerical calculations of pressure differences.
Extrusionstechnologie von Trendelkamp.

Trendelkamp offers personal and very professional process engineering solutions, tailored to the customers process and application. There is no doubt that we will continue to rely on Trendelkamp`s expertise for future projects.

Coşkun Bayram, Elastron Kimya San.ve Tic. AS.

Der Name Trendelkamp steht nicht nur für innovative, auf den Kunden zugeschnittene, technische Lösungen. Mit hoher Bereitschaft, Arbeitseinsatz und Herz werden auch spezielle Kundenanforderungen umgesetzt. Diese gleiche Leidenschaft spiegelt sich insbesondere auch im Customer Service wieder.

Dominik Fehn, HEXPOL TPE GmbH

Durante bought the first Trendelkamp screen changer in 1999, others have followed in recent years. Trendelkamp screen changers give us the assurance of a leakage-free production, even with the very low viscose HOTMELTS products. The employees listen to customer demands and exceed them every time. 

Paolo Visintin, DURANTE ADESIVI S.p.A.

We decided to order a new screen changer from Trendelkamp in 2020. This decision was based on a very professional technical support and short reaction times during the proposal phase. Through the necessary digital commissioning due to COVID, Trendelkamp has once again proven how flexible they are!


Names speak for themselves – and for us.