Manual screen changer and melt filter TSM-R.

Discontinuous Screen Changer

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Screen Changer TSM / TSM-R

The manual TSM screen changer is a cost-effective and reliable filtration device for extrusion lines. Due to the transmission gear of the TSM-R series with ratchet technology it is possible to do an easy screen change with tight space requirements and minimal effort. The manual screen changers are primarily used for low polymer contamination, for laboratory applications or as protection for a gear pump.

  • For small production and lab lines
  • Swivel plate design with two screen cavities
  • Discontinuous and manual operation


  • Reliable and leak-free operation
  • Short material residence time
  • Suited for tight space conditions


  • Filtration size 201 cm²
  • Process pressure and temperature up to 600bar / 300 °C
  • Differential pressure of the breaker plate up to 100 bar


  • Extrusion
  • Recycling

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